Green Policies

At Atlantic Way Lodge, we’re endeavouring to have environmentally friendly practices in place and are always open to learning news ways of living and working sustainably.

Below are the actions we take and hope to implement very soon.

  • Weather permitting, we always line-dry the bed linens.
  • Guest information is provided digitally; invoices and receipts are all provided electronically; and we provide information or links to walking, cycling and public transport information.
  • In the Scandi apartments, we have had solar panels installed for hot water.
  • Also in the Scandi, we have installed a more eco-friendly air-to-water heating system, which provides a gradual continuous heat.
  • We’ve planted 100s of native trees on our farm lands.
  • Printer paper is recycled and we are endeavouring to go ‘paperless’ with the administrative side of things. We also print on both sides.
  • To cut down on plastic, we purchase ink refills for pens rather than new pens.
  • We keep wildflowers in areas of the garden and collect rain water to water plants.
  • We leave cuttings under the trees to compost naturally.
  • We are phasing out to use LED and low energy light sources, as well as moving towards eco friendly and natural cleaning solutions.
  • Windows and doors are all double glazed.
  • We kindly ask guests to help us make a difference by disposing of rubbish and recycling responsibly; please try not to waste energy when not required. Thank you!